Elastic Sealing  - Your counterpart in the range of sealing engineering

Elastic Sealing is in the year 2014 a young established company in the field of elastic sealing.


Mark Doehring is the principal. He already has experience and look back on many years of active life as sealer.


Since 1991 is Mark Doehring to be acquainted with the range of elastic sealing. Through his many years of work in the building industrie he has specializing in the year 2000 additional in yacht-, boat- and shipbuilding.

Through his knowhow he quarantee his workmanship in the elastic jointing from the state-of-the-art and from the DIN-Standard. At the same time he contributes to lowering the costs of energy and he had to add to the clima protection.


Perfect implementing of the sealing is his central point of his competence.


You´re profit from many years of experience and his professional and accurate services and working.


All of the work had to be performing from Elastic Sealing with the highest quality of adhesive sealing material for the professional service; like Sika, Bostik and Otto-Chemie. 

Elastic Sealing is a future oriented specialized company, focused to the sealing engineering for yacht and building.


See it for yourself!


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