"If you don´t go forward, you go backwards.

Who don´t change anything, will to lose everything,

what he want to keep in.

And things to do with passion, they have to give

our life beautiful colours."



We are, Mark and Monika Doehring and we divide this attitude from May 2000 together -  at that time in private life and now on the work front.


For us, as a married couple, it´s a matter of the heart, the central point of our core competence have not be only the perfect implementing of the sealing, but also, all of our orders have to be our personality business.


As a specialized company in the range of sealing engineering we have to showdown intensive with our clients, as a adviser and as a counterpart, from the first conversation up to the final finish workmanship.


Belief in us and feel free to contact us!

Mark Doehring

Principal of Elastic-Sealing



Phone: +49 (0)174 - 1 645 645


Since 1991 is Mark aqcuinted with the perfect sealing engineering; so he had to make accurate sealing!



Monika Doehring

Office administrator in office management


Phone: +49 (0)174 - 1 645 645


Your conterpart in all office affairs.


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